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Olive & Luella Handmade Rose Body Oil


Scent of Rose, Bergamot & Mandarin 


Who doesn't love a multi use body treatment?

A mix of botanical flower extracts with nourishing almond, vitamin E & jojoba oils to hydrate the face, body and hair. Olive & Luella's This is Love Body Oil is perfect for floral gifting paired with fresh flowers by Iris and Elle certain to make your loved one feel extra special.


Suggestions for use:

Face: A few drops after cleansing your skin for a hydrating moisturiser. 

Body: Apply a small amount directly onto your skin to help nourish and hydrate.

Hair: Apply to the ends of your hair for a rich and healthy treatment before or after washing.

Bath: A few drops in your bath water to create a heavenly bath experience.

Perfume:  Apply a few drops to your pulse points. Inside of your wrists, inner elbows, below your belly button, behind your ear lobes, and the back of your knees.  Ditch the unknown chemicals in your perfume and switch to natural scented oils instead.


This is Love - Body Oil