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Welcome to Iris and Elle

Hi, our names are Elena and Zahra. We met while working at a beautiful florist located in Brisbane CBD. Our favourite part of our job is seeing the reaction of customers while they watch us make up a bouquet. We are always told how talented we are, how we make something so skilful look so easy, that they could never do what we do and that we have the most beautiful job in the world.


We created Iris and Elle to share our passion in a relaxed, creative environment and to show others that you don't have to be a trained florist or the most creative person to be able to arrange flowers.

What is the meaning behind 'Iris and Elle'?
When answering the phone, customers often mistake the name Zahra for Iris. The name 'Iris and Elle' is a combination of this moniker; which also happens to be one of our favourite flowers, and Elena's nickname, Elle.

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What is your favourite flower?


E: Ranunculus

Z: My favourite flower has always been a blue Hydrangea but since working in a florist, Orchids and Irises have also become a favourite.

Why did you become a florist?

E: Because I have a passion for colour and nature and it makes me happy to see a simple bouquet make someone’s day.


Z: I wanted a job that required learning a skill and that allowed me to be creative.


What is your best tip for making a bouquet?


E: My best tip is to relax your hand, hold it lower down the stems and always place the stems in one direction.


Z: Make sure to keep all of the flowers at the same height, positioned slightly above the stems of greenery as the flowers are the focal point.

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