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Finding the Best Florist for Custom Event Florals in Brisbane

Updated: Jun 16

Looking to add that special touch and a pop of colour to your event? Iris and Elle florist in Brisbane specialises in floral design for events, creating stunning bespoke flower arrangements tailored for any occasion. Whether it’s a private celebration like a birthday, baby shower or hens party, corporate function or graduation event, our bespoke floral designs will elevate your special day.

Brisbane event florist flowers and floral arrangement including tropical bird of paradise, amaranthus, lily, dahlia and rose for birthday function

What's the importance of having flowers at my event? Should I work with a florist or put the flowers together myself?

Flowers play a crucial role in creating memorable events, serving as both stunning decorations and mood setters. A thoughtfully crafted floral display is eye catching and the perfect way to enhance the atmosphere and aesthetic of any function. Selecting the right flowers and colour palette is essential to complement your event's theme and elevate its overall appearance. The possibilities are truly endless in designing an unforgettable experience. Iris and Elle's team of expert florists work with you to bring the vision for your event to life through their unique, tailored approach of producing a custom colour palette, inspiration images mood board and seasonal florals list.

Yes, it's possible to do the flowers yourself; however, it takes experience to know the perfect timing for buying flowers so they open in time for the event but still look beautiful and fresh. Florists also have an understanding of seasonal availability which helps save on costs of imported flowers. At Iris and Elle, we source market fresh flowers, arrange them with love, and deliver to your venue, even helping to set up the arrangements so you can enjoy the day with one less thing to worry about. Understanding the composition of elaborate arrangements is not as easy as it looks, but if you prefer a DIY approach, sourcing florals from your local flower market and creating simple arrangements in bud vases can be a great option. It is also important to have access to floral fridges set at the right temperature to keep more delicate flowers cool - if you are wanting to go the DIY avenue talk to your event about whether they can provide access to a floristry fridge. We know that event budgets can easily spiral, so as an online florist, we pass the savings from not having a retail storefront onto our customers, offering affordable event florals.

Brisbane event florist Iris and Elle flowers and floral arrangement including anthurium, lisianthus, carnation and dahlia for corporate women's luncheon function

What does working with an event florist involve?

Working with an event florist involves a collaborative process to ensure your floral arrangements perfectly match your vision. At Iris and Elle, we offer a unique, personalised approach to each event and truly believe that beauty is in the detail. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Initial Consultation The process begins with an email or phone consultation following your enquiry form submission. During this conversation, we discuss all the finer details, including your ideas about colours and any saved inspiration images, to understand the style you have in mind. At Iris and Elle, we go the extra mile to perfect your floral arrangements. Our attention to detail and ability to reflect your unique vision and theme set us apart. If we are unfamiliar with the venue, we review photos to understand the backdrop, allowing us to tailor the florals to reflect, enhance, or uplift the setting.

  2. Custom Quoting Process We consider the venue, occasion, and guest list when creating a custom quote package. We truly believe beauty is in the details, and it is our mission to bring your dream florals to life, perfectly reflecting the theme of your event. Our unique quoting process includes an itemised list with price and size variations, a custom colour palette, inspiration images mood board, and a list of seasonal florals. This ensures transparency and flexibility, allowing us to tailor the arrangements to your specific needs and budget. It also helps visualise how the flowers might look so you can plan the rest of your event to look cohesive.

  3. Floral Design and Preparation Once you approve the quote, our expert team gets to work bringing your dream florals to life. We source the freshest market flowers and create beautiful, bespoke floral arrangements. We pay close attention to every detail, ensuring the flowers reflect your unique vision and theme.

  4. Delivery and Setup On the day of your event, we deliver and set up the floral arrangements, so you can focus on enjoying your special day without any stress.

  5. Post-Event Enjoyment After the event, the beautiful bespoke flowers are yours to enjoy or to give to guests as a special 'party favour.' We promise they won't forget the experience of taking home the stunning event flowers!


Our expert tips for the perfect event flowers and getting the most out of them

For seated functions:

  • Long and low: table arrangements should not be too high to interfere with conversation or block the view to the guests on the opposite side of the table. The best layout is longer, narrow arrangements that are easily viewed from each seat at the table without taking up too much valuable table space. To save on the cost of one large arrangement you could opt for multiple petite ones that can be spaced along the setting.

  • The perfect sizing: too small and the flowers will look underwhelming, too large and they become awkward to enjoy, getting in the way of share plates and table settings.

For cocktail style events:

  • Make the most out of your flowers by having them set up or moving them into the frame in spots where they will be most photographed. At a birthday event, position the flowers next to the cake on the opposite side of the birthday girl or boy for gorgeous cake cutting photos. At conference functions, sheath style lectern arrangements with added height are always most impactful. A designated spot for photos with the mum-to-be at a baby shower is always enhanced with sculptural style flowers on a plinth.

Brisbane event florist Iris and Elle vase arrangement seasonal flowers including dahlia and tulips and bespoke native plinth arrangement for graduation event and 21st birthday cocktail hour

At Iris and Elle, we are committed to making each event special, paying attention to every detail to bring your dream florals to life.

We can't wait to be apart of your next event!



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